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Besides our Global Footprint (ability to cover all time zonesand a collective 65 years Cold Chain Industry Expertise, here's what differentiates the Cold Chain Consult Team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) in our Industry - Our Passion and Our Resilience.  There is no aspect of the Cold Supply Chain that we have not performed.  We have built and run large Thermal Qualification Laboratories; Written and Funded Industry Standards; Designed Cold Chain Packaging; Solutions and Technology Services; Set-up Global GDP Networks; Designed, Manufactured and Supplied Cold Chain Packaging across all global regions; Build Centre of Excellence (COEs) for large globals; Remediated Global 3PL Networks; Audited Suppliers and Implemented RFPs/RPQ's; Consulted to Biopharma and Medical Device organizations of all sizes.


Each one of our Team is a Subject Matter Expert in their area:  We don't just Talk-the-Talk - We Pave the Way.

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