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Consulting Services

Whatever the area of the 'missing link' in your cold chain, we can review and provide you with the expert resources and advice you need - as you need it. 

Coaching & Staffing

Should your organization need an injection of knowledge, some extra cold chain 'muscle', or just someone to call to help navigate a challenge, our coaching and temporary staffing service can meet your needs.

Testing & Qualification

Cold Chain Consult's Subject Matter Experts are independently technically accredited by ISTA.  We can provide in-house thermal testing services or will work with our many partnering labs or yours, to ensure independent testing and evaluation of your solutions. 

Quality & Compliance

Our Team has performed over 100 audits ranging from supplier/vendor; to SOPs' Quality Systems; Technology; Packaging; to licensed manufacturers and 3PL providers.

Risk Assessments

Let us independently review your distribution and operational capabilities alongside your packaging and services to provide you with the comfort and skills to close-out those gaps and reach an acceptable RPN.

SKU Review & Rationalization

M&A leads to inheriting of cold chain packaging solutions that may lead to overlap and duplication of efforts.  Evolution and growth of product portfolio may lead to inappropriate use of solutions and redundancy of SKU's.  Let us independently review the packaging solutions you currently use and rationalize them for operational excellence and fiscal reward.

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